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Ink Relief 200

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We understand how painful tattoos may be in the few days that follow your session. That's why we have created a special restorative formula and put it into a tattoo numbing spray designed to aid in tattoo pain relief, reduce inflammation and help speed up healing. Hemp is one of the best ways to stay on top of your tattoo aftercare, and Nature's Root makes an all-natural tattoo spray to help your skin heal quickly and cleanly after your tattoo session.

Natural, Healing Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is extremely important if you want your tattoo to look as good as it possibly can. Tattoo aftercare requires several steps, and one of the most important parts is applying a soothing tattoo spray after you remove the bandages and wash it up. Why use tattoo numbing spray that contains unknown ingredients, when you can use the all-natural tattoo spray that we make and sell here at Nature's Root? We want to make tattoo healing easy, and that's why we have worked hard to create an all-natural tattoo healing spray to ease tattoo pain in the cleanest way possible, because we know that you love your ink as much as we love hemp.

Helping Ease Tattoo Pain

Nature's Root makes tattoo aftercare easy. Our hemp-based, all-natural tattoo spray is designed to make the post-tattoo care process as comfortable as possible. Finding a product that can provide the tattoo relief that you need to go about your day without discomfort can be a difficult thing to do. Nature's Root tattoo spray is an all-natural solution to ease tattoo pain and ensure that your tattoo heals properly. If you're looking for an environmentally responsible tattoo numbing spray to provide you with tattoo pain relief, look no further than Nature's Root.

Tattoo Numbing Spray

Finding a tattoo numbing spray that effectively helps ease tattoo pain and aids in tattoo healing isn't always easy, and finding one that does all those things and is also all-natural is even more of a challenge. At Nature's Root, we offer tattoo care sprays that check all of those boxes and are proud to make a tattoo healing product that makes tattoo aftercare easy. The next time you're looking for a tattoo care product that aids in tattoo healing and helps ease tattoo pain, we highly recommend trying our tattoo relief spray.

Feel free to inquire about our tattoo relief spray if you feel like our tattoo care products can help improve your life in any way.