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April 02, 2019

LONDON, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Root, in partnership with theCURATOR, a UK-based retailer and distributor specialising in hemp/CBD products and accessories, launches its award-winning range of organic hemp skincare products for the first time in the UK, Europe and Canada.

Nature's Root is an award-winning family operation, offering consumers an innovative beauty experience through consciously crafted Hemp/CBD products; from essentials such as lip balms and lotions to trendy staples like coffee scrubs and oils with regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.

theCURATOR Ltd. is the official distributor for Nature's Root in the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada. The award-winning range of skincare is set to launch across retail destinations, including hotels and spas in 2019.

Celebrating the launch of Nature's Root, theCURATOR is offering 4 exclusive discovery kits for those wanting to experience the brand, which feature bestsellers in reusable cosmetic cases.

Exclusive and limited discovery kits are available until April 30th, 2019, through

The Exfoliation Kit (£16.50, Value: £23): 
Hemp Coffee Scrub 
Hemp Lotion
25mg CBD Lip Balm
SAVING: £6.50

The Gym Kit (£26.50, Value: £33)
50mg CBD Hemp Deodorant
Hemp Lotion 
25mg CBD Lip Balm
SAVING: £6.50

The Relief Kit I (£31, Value: £39)
100mg CBD Sore Muscle Body Oil
Hemp Lotion 
25mg CBD Lip Balm 
SAVING: £8.00

The Hydration Kit (£45.50, Value: £58): 
200mg CBD Wound & Skin Care Oil
Hemp Lotion 
25mg CBD Lip Balm
Jade Roller
SAVING: £12.50

About Nature's Root:
Nature's Root offers a seed to sale line of organically grown, processed and manufactured Skincare and Therapeutic CBD-based products. Nature's Root has been operating since 2014 and their farm side, Colorado Hemp Project, established in 2013, was the first company in the USA to receive a legal license to grow Industrial Hemp under Amendment 64. Both have established a reputation for superior quality, education and consistency over the years.

About theCURATOR Ltd.:
Formed to contribute to a world where cannabis is normalised, and to connect consumers with reliable and trusted brands. theCURATOR provides a sophisticated selection of products that are meticulously vetted and curated; collaborating with industry leaders as well as boutique brands to bring consumers only the best. theCURATOR ensures products are legally compliant and meet quality and safety checks to give consumers peace of mind.

For our Nature's Root Family

Help with stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping with smokeable CBD pre-rolls, tinctures and tablets.

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